Exterior Stucco

Increase your curbside appeal

So you love your neighborhood, you’ve lived there for years but you’re not happy with the look of your house. You love your home interior – you’ve remodeled or renovated your kitchen and updated your bathrooms. Maybe you feel that your home exterior is looking a little old and outdated.

You don’t want to move but you want to come home to a new house. Don’t move – update …

There are some great solutions to your dilemma out there. You can renew the exterior of your house. With so many diverse products on the market, your final decision really comes down to personal taste and style. There are some excellent materials available that can transform your house for the cost of a kitchen renovation.

Here are some of the solutions we’ve recently provided to our clients.

  • Composite Siding Exteriors
  • Stonework and Siding Exteriors
  • Stucco Exteriors
  • Stonework and Stucco Exteriors

 1. Siding Exteriors

Crozier-and-Associates-Home-SidingAt Crozier & Associates, we recommend a composite or pre-finished siding to transform your exterior renovation. These products give you everything you’re looking for. Features of a composite or pre-finished siding are:

  • Superior design quality
  • Maintenance-free
  • Durability
  • Excellent insulation properties

2. Stonework and Siding Exteriors

Stonework and siding adds another level of interest to your home exterior. Stonework is a very popular trend in house exteriors – adding elegance and texture. Use natural stone to accentuate the lines of your home.

3. Stucco Exteriors

stucco-04-24-13Stucco is an exterior finish that is durable, eye-catching and weather-resistant. Stucco doesn’t mean Spanish anymore. Because it’s a sculptural material, stucco can have different finishes; each creating a unique look. Stucco is an economical alternative to other exterior transformations.

4. Stonework and Stucco Exteriors

Some people feel that a stucco exterior doesn’t provide enough interest for their home. Think about combining stonework and stucco to create an elegant artisanal look.

Think Exteriors

An exterior renovation will solve your dilemma. You keep your home, your friends, your neighborhood conveniences, and your lifestyle. BUT you get a new looking home. You add value to your property with a cost effective solution without the stress of moving.

Spring is the perfect time to start.

We’d like to help you think about the right solution for you… Call us at 416.543.2058 or contact us for some great exterior renovation ideas.